SuperSweetwater…Last Few Details

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Don’t forget that this Saturday’s ride starts in Monte Rio!!! If the lot is full by the river there is parking at the park and ride at the corner of Bohemian Hwy and Moscow Rd.If you wish to start in Occidental that is fine but you will need to ride down to Monte Rio to sign in. 10:00 Start!We will finish atop Willow Creek and then ride back to our cars for a swim in the Russian River. Also, if you missed the date change for this years Hopper King Ridge Finale it’s been moved from June 25 to June 11! The week before the Terrible Two. Perfect!

Road bike? Cross bike? Your call. Pick the one that’s working best and has happy climbing gears East side of Sweetwater is a beast. Make sure you have fresh rubber and good brakes. The descent on Sweetwater has some REALLY tight corners. If you come in too hot or wide you will not be able to get out of the way of cars…and there will be cars.

If you are new to the Hoppers please read the Rules of Engagement.Also, remember. This is a ride and not a race! The roads are open and you must obey all rules of the road. NO SAG! Do not allow, suggest or encourage anyone to follow us along the route! Big thanks to NorCal and Jim Keene for providing water on Old Caz. Bring bottles and food in a bag and mark clearly with your name.

The following riders have done all four Hoppers so far and are in the running for the raffle for a frame donated by NorCal/Bike Peddler (let me know if I missed anyone): Roger Bartels, Ryan Price, Yuri Hauswald, Robert Picard, Royce Fraley, Brian Staby, Jess Couch, Terry Curley, Mike Paula and Mike Warren.

The route is the same as last year with the exception of one important change. We will not take first half Austin Creek Rd. (the turn right past the Cazadero store, before the tennis courts) but will instead ride down Cazadero Hwy. We will turn left on East Austin Creek Rd. Approximately 5 miles South of Cazadero on Caz Hwy there is a temporary Stop sign where the road becomes one lane. Your left is shortly after this. See photo. If you miss this turn you will be making your ride shorter and will hurt your friends feelings. The fastest time last year was just under 3 1/2 hrs so plan to be out 4 1/2 to 5 accounting for the new start in Monte Rio. I even hear there’s going to be an ice cream social in the park when we get back.

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  • surfvivor

    So this week on monday I descended and climbed back up Old Caz on my cx bike. I cleared many of the downed branches, rocks and boulders that would have presented a hazard to the “training ride” day. For those in a lurch on deciding what bike to use, yesterday I descended on my road bike and quickly made up my mind that I am going to use the cx bike for this adventure.

    • admin

      I hear ya’. Cross bike would be a good, safe option for Old Caz. Canti brakes on Sweet Water might be a liability. Thanks for working on the road. I moved a few things last weekend but really needs a crew.

  • ian c

    what time does this start, again? can’t find that detail out on any of the various ‘hopper sites.

    see you tomorrow!

    • admin

      Starts at 10:00. It’s on the Grasshopper poster. I’ll post on the blog. Thanks for the reminder. See you Sat!

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