Let’s Get it On!

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Here you have it! Details to follow. In the meanwhile, mark your calendars and do your homework cuz come late Jan were gonna “get it on”!

Jan 28th  Old Caz     (Occidental)

Feb. 18th  Chileno Valley  (Occidental)

March 10th  Super Sweetwater   (Occidental)

March 31st  King Ridge  (Occidental)

April 28th  Ida Clayton-Spring Mountain   (Santa Rosa-NorCal/Bike Peddler)

May 26th  SKAGGS !  (Healdsburg   Arnot-Roberts Winery)


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  • Morgan

    Next year (2012) I will do every Grasshopper. I say that every year. But next year I will.

    Thanks for putting these on.


  • tinytim

    damn, looks like a climbers championship. just to be fair to all of the inglis’ and wells’ out there you should include a chainless down hill complete with a mid-stage mandatory beer chugging, keg standing station.

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