Almost There…And Hopper Leaders

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I look forward to getting back to the dirt. It’s been a bit overwhelming hopping from Hopper to Hopper this year as I navigate the waters of a first year high school mtb coach, dad, teacher and several other hats I wear. Unfortunately the only “wiggle” room in my life is my ride time so that the more my life is about bikes, the less I ride. Seem a bit of an unhealthy paradox but Spring Break is on the way. Minus the fitness of the last couple of years I’m thrilled to lead a group of my best friends on what might be my favorite Hopper. At least until the next one. Let’s face it, we’re all just being greedy when we tie together a premier West County road ride and the best cross loop in the county on the same day. Oh well, may your cups runneth over.

I expect a smaller crowd the rest of the Hoppers so we will start from the Occidental Community Center rather than just outside of town like the last two. The plan is to have a neutral ride until we cross River Rd, or approximately 20 minutes. This way we will navigate the potentially dangerous crossings of Hwy 116, Guerneville Rd. and River Rd. as a group. Once we are on Eastside Rd it’s game on. Remember that all roads are open and are very small. Ride with caution and care. Look out for your brother and sister stay to the right. Everyone read the Rules of Engagement.

Sag Monkey will be at the start with hot coffee and Fork Catering will be at the finish so get some lunch. Leave your bottles etc. with NorCal at the start and please retrieve your things at the end of the day. Body Armour will be at the start with tasty beverage that is great to take on your ride. Don’t forget to check at the end to see if you’re a raffle winner. Lot’s of cool stuff from local companies. For more info visit our Sponsors page. I will bring all bottles that were left at the last ride. Please claim your bottles at the end of the day so I don’t have to haul them around. Thanks!

Series Leaders:

Been some heavy hitters this year so will be interesting to see who stays fit and consistent enough to pull of the Hopper title this year. As always the winner has bragging rights until next year and maybe a little extra somethin’.

Top 7 men:

1. Jim Hewett 240 pts

2. Jonathan Lee 210 pts

3. Levi Leipheimer 200 pts.

4. James Stemper 190 pts.

5. Taylor Bertrnadt-Barrett 180 pts.

6. Roger Bartels 176 pts.

7. Mike Hosey 175 pts.

Top 3 Women:

1. Helene Drumm 390 pts.

2. Kristen Drumm 350 pts.

3. Jennifer White 250 pts.

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  • Morgan Fletcher

    Yo Mig, thanks again for all the hoppers. I left a bag with a bird on it, and some by-now-super-funky bottles in it, at the Chileno hopper. Didn’t see it at the finish. If you see that bag with a bird on it, well can I get that back? My wife was a little sad I didn’t bring it home. See you Saturday.

    • admin

      I got a bag of bags I’ve been re-bringin. Most bottles have been recycled. Make the next Hopper and I have a prize for your!

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