Ida Clayton/Spring Mountain

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Last year I was so bold as to call the Geysers/Pine Flat Hopper the NorCal climbing championship and it was heavily contested by local strongmen/women. The winner was Dario Fredrick closely followed by Ted King and Dr. Todd. This year we are going all in by calling this the He/She Man/Woman Master of the Universe Championship. We’ll only be hitting 3 counties but I do have a special route in mind that includes Marin and Mendocino Counties as well. Maybe next year! Here’s the route unveiled. If you join Grasshopper Adventure Series on Facebook we’ll keep you updated more frequently.

Ida Clayton/Spring Mountain: April 28t

Begin NorCal Bike Shop, Mendocino Ave to Old Redwood Hwy, Rt on Faught Rd., Rt on Chalk Hill Rd, Rt. Hwy 128, Lft Ida Clayton Rd.(Lake County: County Rd. 115, Left Hwy 29, Rt Butts Canyon-Pope Valley, Rt. Ink Grade, Rt. White Cottage Rd, Cross Deer Park, continue on Howell Mtn. Rd. , Lft. Silverado Trail, Rt. Pope St.,Rt on Main St/Hwy128, Lft. Spring St., Rt. Oak Ave, Lft Hillview Place, Rt. Spring Mtn. Rd. -St. Helena Rd.(True finish is just before intersection where cold drinks and snacks will await you) To get back to car and bike shop, Lft Calistoga Rd, Rt. Badger Rd., Lft. Brush Creek, Rt. Hwy 12, Straight to 4th St. Rt. College,to NorCal Bike shop.

This is a course to challenge your body and mind. It’s not Skaggs but, well…we’re doing that next! It is “only” 100 mi +/- but has 3 hefty climbs and a long dirt descent into Middletown. We will ride in in Sonoma, Lake and Napa County and start/finish in Santa Rosa. Save something for the St. Helena climb because if you aren’t careful you’ll be walking in your road shoes. There will be a neutral feed atop Ida Clayton and on Butts Canyon before you get to Ink Grade. For those new to the Hoppers please familiarize yourself with the Rules of Engagement before coming.

Stay tuned early next week for last minute ride details. In the mean time, enjoy our Spring that has at last sprung. Rubber side down. Mig

  • Ken Cabeen

    Trying to wrap your head around Spring Mtn while climbing Ida Clayton or Ink Grade, as I heard several guys that I passed along the way doing, is not a good way to climb Ida Clayton or Ink Grade.

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