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Two days away…can hardly believe it. The season has been flying by and we’re onto Hopper number 5! Remember this ride begins at NorCal in Santa Rosa. You need to sign in and get your ride card and then head to Faught Rd. at San Miguel School. The official ride start will be at 10:45 so don’t be late! There will only be one feed zone on Butts Canyon. It will be a little over half way; approximately 45 miles from the start. Jim Keene will be at the start so you can give him your special secret stuff or we will have water, soda and Body Armor juice for you. There will be some snacks in case you are falling apart. Big thanks to Frank, Jim, Glenn and folks at NorCal/Bike Peddler for the support. There will be cold beer at NorCal at the end of the day.

Saturday’s epic ride will dip deep into Lake and Napa Counties and slice off a fair section of eastern Sonoma County. The back side of Ida Clayton is a washboard dirt road so I’d recommend some big tires and ride it carefully. I can’t think of a better bike for NorCal than my Specialized Roubaix. I put on 28cc for last years Super Sweetwater and I haven’t taken them off. At just under 17lbs it’s my go anywhere, do anything bike. This area of lake county was the mother load for quicksilver and word is that Black Bart worked Western Mine, Old Toll Rd, and Oat Hill. Though mercury was not as profitable as gold there was more of it. It’s under a 100 miles but plan on a very challenging day. For those of you doing more of a “tour” than a mad dash there are places to stop, rest and refuel in Middletown and St Helena. If anyone does not finish or cuts out early please let us know. Please consult the map often if you are not sure about he route. Don’t confuse this ride with the Davis Double and end up in Winters.

Hope everyone enjoys the magical loop and has a safe ride. This is our 14th year doing this and it’s all of you who ride safely and look out for each other that allows the Hoppers to continue. Remember to ride and pass safely and be cautious on the descents as there will be cars on the road. Refer to Rules of Engagement for etiquette, rules etc. See ya on Sat. Mig

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