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Not really, but I’m gonna walk you through the Lake Sonoma loop so ya’ll don’t get too dazed and confused. You will have your custom collectors laminate (Thanks to Los and Bike Monkey for letting us adapt their map) and as you’ll see there aren’t too many wrong turns to make. The key is to follow the markings on the course which will be orange ribbons. First thing is to get yourself signed up (pre-reg helps us a lot!) and get to the bottom of Bummer Peak for a 10:00 start. You can follow the 1/2 Canoe Trail signs or just point ‘er down. So here’s the map…study up! The start is stiff and will spread the group out but I think you’ll be surprised how short Bummer Peak seems when it’s at the start. Here’s what the start looks like. (Really it’s a lot steeper) As you climb you’ll pass two picnic benches on our left and it’s just after this that you take a right to the east on single track. This trail will pop back onto Bummer Peak road a few times but the trail always re-connects right away to the right. (Really 🙂 You will never ride on the left side of the road. Follow the orange ribbon. The 4th time you hit Bummer Peak Rd you’ll take a Rt on No Name trail and follow it to Rock Pile Rd and cross No Name parking lot and take the paved road across the dam and Rt on Stewarts Point/Skaggs Spring Rd. Continue approx 1 mile to Skaggs Spring Overlook and turn Rt. Ride though the gravel parking lot and cross the paved road and continue on the single track. This section is very rocky so be careful. DO NOT GO DOWN THE PAVED ROAD TO THE MARINA!! ..ok sis? From here you just follow the yellow brick road. Check out the nectar!

And in the early morning sun…

After the trail connects with the Skaggs Springs Cut-Off you’ll discover they have been redoing the trail to incorporate more modern drainage swales. This means loose, off sloping trails with burms/jumps and sharp unexpected turns. Trust me…be careful or you will be hiking you and your bike up some steep embankment. BTW,as a reminder Hoppers are about adventure and taking care of yourself. There will not be marshals or EMTs deep out on the course so you need to ride with care. It is after all an adventure ride and not a race. Here’s a peek at what the new trail looks like

Eventually the trail goes back to single track

and you’ll even have a chance to dunk your head if you like.

It will be a long day so don’t forget to eat and drink and check out the views if you can. When you reach this creek crossing

you will know you’ve made it to the Osmo feed so enjoy! It’s just up the short climb on the other side of the creek. From here it’s well…up and down like the rest of your day. Watch out for crazy hill-billy mountain bikers who might be guarding their moonshine stills and might jump out to heckle you.

This madrone section always reminds me that I am nearing the end

Before long you’ll come upon this this juicy spot and though you only have a few miles to go it’s hard not to stop for a head dunking. Continue straight/right and not up!

On your map this is the small blue line/trail that is the bypass/shortcut to Liberty Glenn but don’t give up, look at all the single track that remains. Careful that you make the left onto the fire road near Madrone Point that leads UP and UP a steep road to the finish at Liberty Glenn and a cold beverage of your choice. Pura Vida

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