What Matters Most? Bike, Wheels or Tires?

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Bikes, tires and wheels do matter. But it turns out that perhaps the most important factor in speed, comfort, handling and efficiency on the bike is tire pressure. I’m not one to follow every new advancement in bicycle innovation but this interview really caused me to rethink how I roll. I come from a background where we raced 26″ 2.0 tires at 50 psi on the dirt. And on the road it was assumed that smaller tires 20-23 c, at pressures as high as 110 psi was the fastest. Listen to this fascinating interview with Patrick Brady from RKP and Josh Portner of Silca. If you are now running 28c on your road bike instead of 23 or 25, and have decreased psi to 90 psi it’s still less compliant than 25 at 100 psi. When asked for a “general rule” for riders, he pauses and says that’s difficult. A pure number is tough to go by. If it feels smooth it’s probably right, if it’s stiff and rough, probably too high. Listen to the whole Podcast or go to minute #21 to hear the interview.

The Paceline Podcast #39

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