Skaggs and Super Skaggs “Gravel”

May 5th

Option #1 Skaggs! (road)

96 miles   /   9,325 ft.

Skaggs and Super Skaggs: May 5th

Option #2 Super Skaggs “Gravel”! Includes Old Caz and Lake Sonoma Single Track

96 miles   /   10,525 ft

Old Caz is the quintessential Hopper. With three dirt climbs and descents, an eclectic patchwork of Sonoma County ribbon roads and a creek crossing,Old Caz is the epitome of adventure riding.

Ride Details

Skaggs and Super Skaggs: May 5th

Skaggs! No other description needed. Or is there…Wait…let’s start at Lake Sonoma, add Sweetwater on our way to King Ridge, Tin Barn and finish via Skaggs to Lake Sonoma. Truly the most epic 100 miles in Sonoma County. If you’ve done King Ridge but not Skaggs this is a must. There is nothing like heading north at King Ridge/Tin Barn junction to feel the tingles of epic adventure run up and down your spine. Gravel option includes 3 sections: Lower Sweetwater, Old Caz and Lake Sonoma single track. All pavé bypasses Old Caz via River Rd and Cazadero Hwy.

“Rest Stops”

Because of the length of this Hopper we will have two feed/hydration stops. One will be near mile 50 at the top of the first climb on King Ridge and the second will be at the BOTTOM the climb ascending from the Gualala River. It’s mandatory that you fill with two bottles at each stop. I recommend carrying 3 from the second feed to the finish. We will have water, Osmo and Guayaki to drink. In addition, we will have GU, ride bars and other snacks.  As always, you are welcome to leave your custom feed bag with the volunteers at the start. (Sponsor bike shop) will be our support at the feed on King Ridge.  And SpokeFolk will provide support on Skaggs. Also, for those who will be doing the Lake Sonoma Single, Breakaway will be at the END of Old Skaggs Rd.

Super Skaggs! With Lotsa Dirt. Those of you who choose the hardest possible Hopper, and perhaps the hardest one day adventure ride in the US, will get a fair helping of dirt. We will all start together. After climbing and descending Sweetwater Springs Rd we will take Old Caz. The classic ribbon road “paved” climb followed by a long dirt descent and a creek crossing; and another dirt climb and descent. The route will then follow the standard Skaggs loop via King Ridge, Tin Barn and Skaggs. After the flats/rollers along the Gualala River we will do the first big climb up Skaggs and then descend. At the bottom of the descent we will stay left on “Old Skaggs” to the Lake Sonoma single track. The course then follows the lake trail counter clockwise. DO NOT think you can do this on a road bike. You must be on a cross bike/adventure bike. Riders will not be allowed to continue beyond the hydration stop and proceed around the lake if they are not adequately prepared. There will be a 3rd hydration stop for riders on this loop just before the entrance to the single track.


Grasshoppers have always been about adventure, exploration and pushing your limits. These are timed rides and not races. All Hopper routes are open and riders must obey all traffic laws and rules. See RULES OF ENGAGEMENT

Prizes: Cash prizes top 3 male/female both routes


7:00 Registration/sign  ($75 Pre-reg/$80 day of) Includes lunch. Start is at Warm Spring Rec Area 
8:45 Pre-ride chat
9:00 Roll
2:30-?-Finish back where you started.

Lunch and cold beer by Woodfour Brewing Company

Whatcha’ get

  • A crazy hard, super fun adventure ride with 300 of your closest cycling buddies!
  • Two hydration and nutrition feed zones. Plus other snacks, food and goodies
  • Awesome prizes at the finish from our generous sponsors. These are awarded at random and not based on how you finish.
  • Event timing
  • Registration Packet : Guayaki Organic EnergyHammer Nutrition, Health Warrior Chia Bar,, Custom Hopper Route Card and 2017 Grasshopper Sticker
  • Emergency Medical Support en route
  • Lunch by Chef Correa
  • Cold Guayaki, malted beverages, snacks at finish
  • Unforgettable stories of adventure!
  • Custom Camelbak bottles for top 3 male/female riders dirt and paved routes

Super Skaggs! + Lake Sonoma Single Track


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Skaggs and Super Skaggs: May 5th
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