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Here Ya’ll go. Just a week away and I’m sure folks want to become familiar with the route. This ride is a total blast! If you are looking for some two wheel adventure look no further. I picked this route because it’s two of my favorite rides; Sweetwater Springs and Old Caz… combined. The tricky thing is ( thus making is worthy of a Grasshopper route) that the first half is a road ride and the second half a cross ride. However, before we were all ripping around on light carbon cross bikes we were shredding Old Caz on our steel road bikes with 25c tires. After 14 years of Hoppers I have the perfect choice for a bike: Specialized Roubaix with 28 Armadillo All Condition tires. There is a creek crossing so if you ride your road bike I’d suggest putting on SPD and mtn shoes. Otherwise, play it safe and ride a cross bike.  Stay posted for last minute details. Until then, rubber side down.

Start in Occidental. March 10th, 10 A.M.

Route: Graton Rd. to 116, Cross 116 , cont. straight on Frei Rd., Lft. Guerneville Rd., Rt. Laguna Rd, Rt. Trenton, Cross River Rd. cont. on Trenton/Healdsburg Rd. ,Lft. Eastside Rd, Rt. Wohler Rd., Rt. Westside Rd., Lft. Sweetwater Springs Rd(very narrow climb and descent) ., Lft. Armstong Woods Rd., Rt. River Rd.,Rt. Old Cazadero Rd.,(Climb, Dirt descent w/creek crossing…dirt climb and descent) Lft. Cazadero Hwy., Rt. Austin Creek Rd.(After Cazadero Store) Cross Caz. Hwy, cont. on E. Austin Creek Rd , Rt. River Rd/Hwy 116, Lft. Hwy 1, Lft Willow Creek Rd., FINISH top of Willow Creek Rd.

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